Revolutionary System that Bridge Helpers and Employers on a Blockchain Network

About Helpersearch

A fast, secure, and easily available cryptocurrency designed for “tipping and Rewarding”, allows rewarding a worker for a job well done, while avoiding the high fees on payment milestones inflicted on both sending and receiving parties involved, that is usually incurred by such transactions by the specialized job marketplaces that act as intermediaries between the parties.

Helper Search Token ( HSN ) cryptocurrency can be used both as an integrated reward system for the intermediary platforms, or without the integration, as it is already a stand alone payment system with a use case in every industry and any task solving situation, from getting a big contract based project done, to rewarding a school child for doing the homework, Rewarding for network gathering foreign, domestic helpers, employers and employment agencies

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is a succesful stocks trader. He’s excited about the potential of cryptocurrency to improve quality life and market efficiency.

Timothy Kho

has many years of experience in helpers provider industry and a hands-on experience with entrepeneur tech startups.

Rob Brugallette

is a researcher in the product team. An IT professional providing project management. Previously, He worked in business development at a healthcare data analytics startups.

Matthew Glen